How We Make It Easy!

Peter's Way makes it simple to plan a pilgrimage or choir tour.

Peter Bahou Elias Bahou

Peter E. Bahou, President
Elias P. Bahou, Director of Business Development

  • Professional Itinerary Planning – We give you suggestions for a custom itinerary based on our most successful programs, and provide estimated quotes at no cost or obligation.
  • Group Leaders Travel Free! It’s that simple. Including additional complimentary packages is as easy as making a request.
  • Tour Management at Home – A specialized Group Manager, trained to oversee all the details of your tour, will be assigned to work exclusively with you up until the day of your departure.
  • Risk-Free Travel – If your group cancels all arrangements up to 130 days prior to departure, Peter's Way refunds every member of your group in full.
  • Worry-Free Travel – We handle the planning and logistics, while maintaining communication with our local partners abroad until you and your group return safely home.
  • Complimentary Inspection Tours – Peter's Way offers complimentary familiarization tours for group leaders who wish to experience one of our tours before bringing their group overseas.
  • Creative Fundraising – Need assistance raising money to cover the cost of your tour? Ask about our fundraising ideas, proven successful for schools, churches, and local community groups.
  • Guaranteed Rates – Your rates are guaranteed because we pay airline and hotel deposits on your behalf!
  • Professionally-Designed Tour Brochures – We support your promotional efforts throughout the selling period. Plus, we'll provide complimentary professional tour brochures and online enrollment pages.
  • Advertising Support – We can create high-quality promotional materials at no additional cost. During the selling period, you can request complimentary ads, flyers, and posters. For choirs, orchestras, and bands, we'll create and distribute posters and concert programs for performances throughout your tour. Our successful concert promotion draws large audiences who will share their appreciation for your music!
  • We Come To You! Peter's Way travel professionals are available to assist at informational presentations via Zoom or you can arrange an on-site presentation once your group is confirmed for travel.
  • Tour Management Abroad – A professional, licensed, multilingual tour manager will accompany you throughout your choir tour or pilgrimage.
  • World-Class Performance Venues – Peter's Way has access to the most in-demand performance venues in the world. We'll get approvals and confirmations for your concerts, recitals, and sung liturgies ahead of time, so once on your tour, it's all smooth sailing.
  • Confirmed Masses and Prayer Services – Locations and times are confirmed prior to departure. Finalized itineraries, with scheduled Mass times, will be provided ahead of the tour.
  • Customer Support – Peter’s Way staff handles phone inquiries, individual requests, email correspondence, payments, and billing for your group members.
  • Distinguished Clients – We are happy to provide you with references from a long list of leaders we service.